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The Orchard

Perched on a bench off of 3 Mile Creek Road outside Stevensville, Montana, is Billingsley Cider Orchard. Planted in 2012 by friends and family of Michael Billingsley, Western Cider's founder, this orchard is home to many cider apple varieties including Cox's Orange Pippin, Calville Blanc d'hived, Pomme Gris, and Golden Russet. 




Bitterroot Valley, Montana


Golden Russet

Somerset Redstreak


Frequin Rouge

Hewe's Virginia Crab

Hudson's Golden Gem


Brown's Apple

Esopus Spitzenberg

Brown Snout


Ashmeads Kernel

Harry Masters Jersey

Cox's Orange Pippin

Kingston Black


Calville Blanc de'Hiver







We Buy Apples!

If you have apples to sell or, dare we say, give away - please, contact us: westerncider@gmail.com

Need Orchard Consultation?

Looking to graft cider apple trees over your existing apple trees? Want to plant 5,000 cider apple trees on your farm? Western Cider has consulted with startup projects and existing apple orchards across Western Montana in everything from orchard design, implementation, and maintenance - from beginning to end. We would love to hear about your project. Consultation work is subject to project scope and our availability. Contact Michael at westerncider@gmail.com for more info. Thanks!